The second generation in space

Richard Garriott is not only a remarkable entrepreneur and adventurer but he is also the son of a NASA astronaut. Richard's father, Owen Garriott, made two space flights, aboard Skylab in 1973 and aboard STS-9/Spacelab-1 in 1983. In total, Owen spent 70 days in space and he carried SEIKO watches on both of these flights and wore one continuously during his Spacelab mission. His trust in SEIKO was inherited by his son, and so it was natural that Richard should contact SEIKO as soon as his mission was arranged. Richard and SEIKO will be the first “second-generation” space partnership.

Richard Garriott Biography

Born in 1961, in Cambridge, England, Richard is one of the leading designers of video and on-line games. He created his first game, Akalabeth in 1980 but his major success was the Ultima series, which is still popular today in its MMOG form. His latest game, Tabula Rosa, has just been released. In addition to his work in the gaming industry, Richard is a serial adventurer. He has trekked across Antarctica in search of meteorites, tracked mountain gorillas in Rwanda, and led a research mission to investigate the hydrothermal vents deep on the Atlantic Ocean sea floor. Richard now lives in Austin, Texas, where he supports a variety of cultural and environmental charities, including a Shakespeare Festival which takes place in a replica of the Globe Theatre that is on his Britannia Manor estate.