Spring Drive Spacewalk

Spring Drive Spacewalk

SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk is designed and built for space.

In October 2008, Richard Garriott, the renowned video game designer and adventurer, will become the sixth private space explorer. Richard will conduct his space mission aboard the International Space Station, and during his flight, he intends to conduct a spacewalk, which would make him the first private individual to do so. As steps out into free space, he will be wearing a SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk.

Why SEIKO Spring Drive?

The challenge of making a watch that could operate not only during a space flight but also outside on a spacewalk is a daunting one, and is precisely the kind of challenge that brings out the best in SEIKO's engineers. (read more)

Space and SEIKO

SEIKO became involved in this spacewalk watch project because of all the technical challenges. There is another reason. We are deeply attracted to it because of the profound harmony between space and SEIKO. (read more)